Read What Our Customers Say About Us

One of the best ways to learn about a company is to read what other customers are saying. Here are some comments we have received in recent years from our customers. To read more customer comments, visit the review sites linked at the bottom of the page.


My boiler had the best cleaning it's ever had. I'd welcome Technician 87 back any time. GHJ
I want to say what a nice job the guys did in replacing my old burner with a new one. It wasn't the most pleasant time on Thanksgiving afternoon when I went down to my cellar to discover my 30 year old furnace leaking badly. I called the company that night and someone came out to help. 12 hours later the new furnace was being installed. It looks and runs great. Thank you for making the worst day in my 17 years of homeownership tolerable. Just this weekend I told my wife and kids to come down to the cellar and look at our Florida winter vacation. JC
Dear Scott,
My wife and I want to offer our utmost thanks to you and your team for the difficult work you did recently in our home. Upgrading our heating system and ensuring each component was in working order was no small task! We are grateful for your good-natured persistence and your superior technical know-how. Also, our thanks go out to each technician who contributed to the effort: Jim, John, Mark and Ritchie, to name a few.
Sincerely yours, CS
I have recently moved into a new apartment where the prior tenant failed to tell me that the Oil was nearly empty!! Make a long story short they previously used another oil company and this happened on a Saturday morning and I was all out of heat and freezing (this was in early February) !! I called MacFarlane Oil and was astonished, after calling three prior companies that could not deliver till Monday or Tuesday, that they could accommodate me that Very Morning!!!!

Within 20 minutes I received a nice technician who filled my tank with 10 gallons to get things going and my tank was filled the next day on Sunday!!!

Very pleased with this excellent customer service, quick response, and friendly family oil business!! will never go elsewhere !! JS
To Scott MacFarlane and the whole gang at MacFarlane Energy, I appreciate you. I appreciate your personalities and your honorable way of doing business, your skills and integrity. I mean it, even in these trying times. BW
Thank you for the great service. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. You showed up on time and fixed the problem. Your service man Al was very pleasant and a pleasure to work with. Should you ever need any recommendations please feel free to use my name. Thank you. JD