Bringing You the Best in Home Heating Fuels

Heating oil quality has improved, and MacFarlane Energy is bringing you the best in clean-burning, low-emission fuels that integrate renewable biofuel. We will continue delivering even better fuels as they become available. If you are a current customer, you may order fuel through your My Account page. If you are a new customer, please call our office or contact us online.

MacFarlane TruckHeating oil is evolving toward greater cleanliness and renewability, and we are preparing to adopt new fuel blends as they become more available and affordable. The heating oil industry is actively promoting the use of ultra low sulfur heating oil, which offers cleaner emissions due to the reduction of sulfur content. That cleaner fuel will be blended with renewable biofuel to create a blend that burns with very low emissions while helping to reduce demand for petroleum.

Bioheat LogoThe heating oil that MacFarlane Energy delivers today is a mix of petroleum and biofuel, and we will look to increase the biofuel component of the fuel (and reduce the petroleum content) as biofuel becomes more available and affordable. Blends of up to 20 percent biofuel are already approved for use in all heating oil systems. Biofuel is made from organic materials such as plants and waste cooking oil.

We deliver diesel and biodiesel for use in emergency backup generators that provide electricity in the event of a power outage. Our trucks also deliver on- and off-road diesel and biodiesel to job sites across the Eastern Massachusetts area. No need to leave the work site to fill up your industrial equipment or vehicles because we will bring the fuel to you!