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MacFarlane Connected Home

Have you ever dreamed of being able to control all your home's functions from one place? With MacFarlane Connected Home, that dream is a reality. Now, you have the power to make adjustments to your home quickly and conveniently. MacFarlane Connected Home brings the future to you by turning an ordinary home into a fully-controllable smart home via your smartphone or tablet. Did you forget to switch off a light before you left the house? Simply switch it off from your phone. Are you uncomfortable with the temperature, but don't feel like getting up as you're sitting back in your favorite chair? Use the home automation app to control your thermostat. It's that simple.

Until just recently, this type of automation was not widely accessible to homeowners. MacFarlane Connected Home is as affordable as it is effective. This high-tech amenity ensures that your home will never be left unattended again, even when you're not there. Gone are the days of debating whether or not to turn around and check to see if your doors are locked when you’re already on the road. That power is now at your fingertips, and you'll never again have separation anxiety from your home.



With MacFarlane Connected Home, you'll have convenient control of various aspects of your home: