Mass Save®

The MacFarlane Energy Family has been proud to serve our local communities since 1946. It is our goal to deliver top quality heating and cooling services, as well as reliable fuel deliveries at a competitive price for our customers. We also understand the importance of helping to improve our state's energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. We are proud to be a part of the Mass Save® program!


Mass Save® is a collaborative effort between Massachusetts’ utility and energy companies to help businesses and homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades. Mass Save offers home and business owners services, incentives, rebates, and more to help them live better while saving on energy costs. MacFarlane Energy is committed to the fight against climate change, and the Mass Save program is one of the many ways that we work to achieve that goal.

Mass Save® Heating and Cooling Rebates Include:

  • Up to $25,000 (per home) – For installation of ground source heat pumps
  • Up to $16,000 (per home) - For installation of air source heat pumps
  • Up to $4,500 – For qualifying high-efficiency oil heating equipment upgrades
  • Up to $1,500 – For integrated controls
  • Up to $300 – For high-efficiency oil-fired water heating upgrades
  • Up to $100 – For ENERGY STAR® certified smart or programmable thermostats

Upgrading inefficient heating and cooling equipment is one of the best ways to improve your comfort, reduce energy usage, and help curb carbon emissions. Call us at 781-326-9500 for more information on qualifying Mass Save® rebates.