Water Heaters

Image of water heaters from BuderusWater heaters often last more than 10 years, but the end can come quickly and without warning. MacFarlane Energy installs excellent replacement water heaters from the best manufacturers in the industry, including direct-fired units with a dedicated oil burner and indirect-fired units that draw their heat from the boiler or furnace and electric.

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Superstor LogoSuperStor oil-fired water heaters from HTP provide large quantities of hot water without consuming large amounts of energy, thanks to an 82% combustion efficiency rating. The water heater's tank is constructed of glass-lined steel and includes two anode rods to protect against corrosion of the tank. With three gallon sizes available, SuperStor indirect water heating systems are designed to produce hot water faster than competing systems at a competitive price.


Velocity LogoThe Mega-Stor is a stainless-steel indirect water heater that provides abundant domestic hot water utilizing energy provided by your boiler. With a stainless steel, smooth surface coil that transfers heat throughout the tank, the Mega-Stor is capable of recovery rates well in excess of a typical water heater. The two-inch thick layer of polystyrene foam insulation keeps the water in your Mega-Stor Horizontal hot for hours during stand-by periods. Mega-Stor water heaters are available in horizontal, vertical and solar models.

Maxi-Therm 2 Water Heater

Velocity LogoThe Maxi-Therm 2 is a porcelain-enameled indirect water heater that provides abundant domestic hot water utilizing energy provided by your boiler. The porcelain-enameled tank is equipped with three sacrificial anode rods for maximum corrosion resistance and the coil is designed with a low pressure drop. The Maxi-Therm 2 also has two inch thick CFC-free foam insulation that keeps the water in your tank hot for hours during stand-by periods. Crown Maxi-Therm 2 water heaters are available in sizes ranging from 40 to 114 gallons to meet a variety of residential and commercial needs.


Buderus LogoBuderus manufactures hot water storage tanks that work hand-in-hand with a Buderus high-efficiency boiler. The super-insulated design protects against heat loss. Only Buderus hot water tanks are equipped with the thermal glaze DUOCLEAN™ - a ceramic that is thermally bonded to the internal components of the hot water tanks. The smooth glass-like coating provides added protection against the corrosive effects of minerals that are naturally present in water. Buderus hot water tanks provide clean, pure, and reliable hot water comfort for many years.

Bradford White

Bradford White LogoBradford White's Aero® Series of oil-powered water heaters provides exceptional recovery rates and energy-saving, clean, reliable performance. Rugged, durable and renowned for their high output, these water heaters meet the highest standards in quality and dependability. Standard features include a Vitraglas® lined tank and a ceramic fiber combustion chamber.


Heat-Flo LogoHeat-Flo Heating Products designs and manufactures high quality, cost-effective solutions for hot water supply and radiant heating. The company's modern manufacturing facility is located in the heart of the Northeast hydronic heating corridor in Franklin, Mass. The plant includes the latest state-of-the-art automated processing equipment and custom designed machinery and fixturing to assure high quality. Heat-Flo sells indirect fired water heater and hot water storage tanks.

We also install:

  • Amtrol water heaters (MS)

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