Price Protection

Energy prices are subject to unpredictable swings, including price increases that can drive up your heating costs. If you want to lock out the threat of inflation and make your costs predictable, MacFarlane Energy can help with our Price Protection programs.

We offer two choices for protecting your oil price.

Piggy Bank

Capped Price Plan

Purchase your seasonal supply (or a portion of it) with a two-part guarantee regarding the price. First, your price will not exceed the "cap price" that we agree upon when you enroll, regardless of how high prices go during the heating season. Secondly, if our daily price of oil is lower than the cap price for any given delivery, you will pay the daily price instead of the cap price for that delivery.

Your maximum price is capped, and you won't pay more regardless of where prices go. If prices decrease, you will also benefit.

There is a cost associated with protecting an oil price against the risk of sizable price swings in both directions, and this plan carries a fee to cover the cost of two-way price insurance.

Fixed Price Plan

You agree to purchase your seasonal supply (or a portion of it) from MacFarlane Energy for a fixed price, that we agree upon, when you enroll.

Your price is locked in. If prices increase during the heating season, you avoid paying the higher price.

If the price should decrease during the heating season, you will not benefit because your price is locked in.

To learn more about the Price Protection programs or to enroll, please call our office or contact us online.