Don't Be Stuck Without Electricity This Year! Install An Emergency Home Generator

admin  -   05:00 pm  -   November 08th, 2016

Boston area residents – what’s worse than having eight feet of standing snow on the ground? The answer’s easy – weathering the storms without any lights, television or the ability to charge your phone. Even after the endless winter stops wreaking havoc on our area, you need to be prepared with the spring as it “comes in like a lion.” Avoid getting left in the dark; get an emergency backup generator installed now.

Don’t get stuck having to throw away your refrigerated food, charge your phone in the car and sit at home in the dark! At MacFarlane Energy, we offer standby generators fueled by propane or natural gas, which will automatically start when the power goes out. We offer generators from top brands like Honeywell, which come in a variety of power capacities to ensure we have the perfect solution for every home. 

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