Protected From The Unexpected

admin  -   04:00 pm  -   May 02nd, 2018

Who knew what to expect when winter didn’t seem to want to leave this year? Your heating equipment ended up working overtime, but it’s finally about time for a hard earned break. That said, the extensive wear and tear on your heating system may come back to haunt you come next winter – unless you protect your equipment now!

Enrolling in a service plan with MacFarlane Energy is easy, and it’s a smart way to ensure that your heating equipment is ready to take on the next cold snap year after year! Here’s how:

  • Preventative Maintenance: The same way you take your car to a mechanic for regular tune-ups, you should have our technicians maintenance your equipment regularly to help keep your heating system running properly.
  • Priority Service: Your service calls will be responded to more promptly than those who are not enrolled in our service plan.
  • 24-Hour Coverage for No-Heat Emergencies: You’ll have access to our expert technicians when you need them most! You won’t get stuck on a cold winter night without working heat with us on your side.
  • Labor Coverage for Basic Repairs: Outside of preventative maintenance, basic repairs will also be covered – because normal wear and tear does happen!

Your heating system may have done just fine this heating season, but don’t run the risk of next year’s heating season being your heating system’s final round. Contact MacFarlane today to enroll in our service plan and start protecting your comfort today!