Stay Connected To Your Home Comfort With MacFarlane Energy

Admin  -   01:00 pm  -   June 25th, 2024

Technology is changing the home comfort landscape every day. Liquid renewable heating fuels are helping lower emissions and fully automated heating and cooling equipment is helping improve your comfort and cut down on energy waste at home. There is no better example of cutting-edge home comfort technology than our MacFarlane Connected Home!

MacFarlane Connected Home brings the future into the present by allowing you to turn your ordinary home into a fully-controllable smart home! The power of your home comfort can be controlled right from the palm of your hand with a smartphone or tablet.

Did you forget to turn your thermostat up or down before you left for a weekend vacation? With MacFarlane Connected Home you can fix that with a few clicks! The home automation app allows you to adjust your thermostat from anywhere with your smartphone.

It can also add an extra layer of security for your home by giving you the freedom to access door locks remotely. Gone are the days of stressing out trying to remember if you locked your front door, Macfarlane Connected Home has got your back!

Macfarlane Connected Home can do so much more! It also allows you to:

In addition to providing priceless peace of mind, MacFarlane Connected Home will help lower your energy bills and improve your comfort right from your phone!

Contact us today and take a step into the future of home comfort with MacFarlane Energy.