Ready For The Cold Weather?

admin  -   05:00 pm  -   August 10th, 2018

The first day of fall is just about a month away – so why not seize this opportunity to make sure that your hot-air furnace is in peak working condition! Keep reading for some DIY furnace maintenance and other helpful tips for preparing your home for the cold weather ahead.

Pre-Fall DIY Furnace Maintenance

Step 1: Change the Filter

Furnace filters become clogged with dust, pet dander, hair and other debris over time. The more severe the blockage, the harder your heating system has to work to keep your home comfortable.

Step 2: Clear the Vents

Heavy drapes, furniture, or any other common clutter that block your wall or floor vents will block or restrict airflow. This can also cause pressure issues within the system that can also lead to weak airflow in other rooms.

Step 3: Check the Thermostat

Older thermostats may not work as well as they used to and sometimes fail to correctly read the temperature or keep your furnace running. Test your thermostat by raising the set temperature to ensure it’s calling for heat. If it doesn’t, consider upgrading to a new thermostat!

Step 4: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

For ultimate peace of mind, call MacFarlane Energy and schedule preventative maintenance to help avoid breakdowns and maintain the efficiency of your furnace.

Take Advantage of MacFarlane Energy’s Services

In addition to the tips above, you can also rely on MacFarlane Energy to help keep your home heating system up and running through the multiple services we can provide. Here’s a reminder of what we offer:

Automatic Delivery

The most important part of your heating system is the fuel. As an automatic delivery customer, you’ll be assured of a plentiful supply as we track your fuel usage and make deliveries when you need them, taking into account the looming winter weather!

Service Plans

Maintaining your home heating equipment will take more than just changing a filter, although that certainly helps improve operation. With a MacFarlane Energy service plan, you can access preventative maintenance and coverage for basic parts and labor at an affordable price.

Heating Equipment Installation

Modern heating equipment can increase your home heating efficiency and reduce fuel costs by up to 40%! Whether you need a new furnace, boiler or water heater, MacFarlane Energy has the right product for your home!

24/7 Emergency Service

You can count on MacFarlane Energy if you should ever find yourself without heat. Don’t hesitate to call on even the coldest winter night if your heating equipment should breakdown. For priority emergency service, take a look at our service plans!

With our help, you’ll be able to stay comfortable through the fall and winter seasons. If you need any further assistance with your pre-heating season preparations, give us a call! Or, you can contact us directly online. For emergency service, please call 781-326-9500.