Proper Insulation For Proper Summer Comfort

admin  -   12:13 pm  -   July 22nd, 2021

Insulation does wonders for keeping the cold air out and the warm air in during winter, but it’s often not associated with a household’s comfort during the summer. The truth is, insulation works both ways – and a properly insulated home is equipped to keep the hot air out and the cooled air in during the summer!

With that in mind, let’s make sure your home’s insulation is up to the summer heat challenge. Here are a few signs that your home is under-insulated:

Higher Energy Bills

When there isn’t enough insulation, conditioned air instead escapes through the walls and the attic – forcing the AC to work harder and increase the cooling costs.

Temperature Variations from Room to Room

If walking from one room to another takes you through a wide variety of different temperatures, you may have an insulation problem!

Drafts Throughout the Home

Feeling warm air flowing through your home, even with the doors and windows closed, is an indication that you may need to upgrade your home’s insulation. You can also consider using weather stripping or caulking around door and window frames.

Warm Walls and Floors

The hot summer air can make its way to the living spaces through the walls, attic and crawlspace of a poorly insulated home, which can sometimes be detected by the walls and floors being warm to the touch.

Don’t let your summer comfort suffer because of poor home insulation! Make sure you upgrade your home’s insulation now, and give us a call for all of your home cooling needs!