Get Cozy Warmth With Radiant Heating

admin  -   05:00 pm  -   November 08th, 2016

Radiant heating has been a very popular form of central heating in Europe for many years. Lately, people in North America and the rest of the world are learning to appreciate its comfort, cleanliness, unobtrusiveness, and versatility. At MacFarlane Energy, we’ve also become big fans of radiant heating,and we’re fully equipped to install a radiant heating system in your home.
Radiant heating uses electrical wiring or hot-water tubing embedded in floors, walls, or ceilings to distribute warmth evenly throughout your home, eliminating cold, drafty rooms, and reducing heating bills by as much as 40 percent. Radiant heating is absolutely quiet, virtually maintenance-free, and produces healthier humidity levels to help keep your household air free of allergens and pollutants. 
Unlike a forced-air heating system which produces an initial blast of hot air that rises to the ceiling and begins shedding heat, a radiant heating system creates thermal waves that move out from their source and warm up any objects they contact, which in turn give off that captured heat. This creates a consistent, even temperature throughout your home, without the jarring temperature changes of a furnace that reaches a target temperature then shuts down.
If you think radiant heating might be right for your home, or if you’d like to learn more, contact MacFarlane Energy today for a no-obligation, in-home consultation from a licensed heating expert.