MacFarlane Makes Life Simpler With Payment Options

admin  -   01:00 pm  -   October 11th, 2017

At MacFarlane, we serve customers who are parents, employers, employees, first responders, medical professionals, teachers, students, and just about everything else under the sun. We understand that life is busy and complicated, so we do what we can to make things a little bit easier for you. One of the ways we do that is by offering multiple convenient payment options so you can manage your bills in the way best for your needs.

  • Budget Plan Why pay the lion’s share of your heating costs over the few winter months? With a Budget Plan, you don’t have to! We can estimate your total heating expenses for the coming year by projecting your expected usage and the average heating oil price, then divide the total by 11 to calculate a recurring monthly payment. You pay the same amount each month, even if you get more than one delivery!
  • Price Protection – We offer a Capped Price Plan that sets a maximum price you won’t go above no matter what happens in the market. Additionally, if daily prices are lower than the cap price, you’ll pay the lower price! We also offer a Fixed Price Plan that locks in a price and shelters you from increases in fuel prices.
  • Pay Online – If you prefer paying your bills online, you can do that using Visa or MasterCard. To pay your bill, log in to your account to access the secure Pay Online form.
  • Auto Credit Card – Forgetting a payment is a real headache. And, with so many bills to pay, it’s an easy mistake to make. If you’re an automatic delivery customer, you can set up automatic payments from your credit card. 

No matter your preferred payment method, we’ve got something for you that will make life a little bit easier. Contact us today to discuss getting started with one of our convenient payment options!