The Problems With Dry Winter Air, And The Solution!

admin  -   09:00 am  -   September 23rd, 2020

When it comes to staying comfortable during the cooler seasons, it’s not always enough to have the latest heating equipment. You also have to consider the humidity levels inside your home! As the temperature drops, humidity levels follow because cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air can. With this imbalance of moisture, there are a number of potential problems that arise that can affect your health, your home and your comfort!

These problems include:

Inhibiting Disease Prevention

Our upper respiratory system, which includes the nose and throat, are lined with moist membranes that capture dirt, dust, viruses and bacteria before they reach our lungs. When these membranes lose too much moisture due to dry air their ability to capture these particles is compromised. This lowers the body’s natural ability to fight off diseases.

Dry skin

Our skin is made up of more than 50% of water – so it should come as no surprise that low humidity can affect it. As skin dries out, it can become itchy, flakey and tight around the joints. This can also cause painful cracking of the skin and chapped lips. Additionally, overly dry air can cause flare-ups of existing skin afflictions, such as eczema and acne.

Static Electricity

When the air inside of a home is too dry, static electricity is able to build up and cause those painful little shocks every time you touch a doorknob or other metal surface.

Damage to the Home

Dry air is always looking to absorb moisture wherever it can be found – this includes the moisture found within the structure of your home! As a result, you might notice floors creaking more, the walls and door jambs shifting, and gaps forming around windows letting more cold winter air in and causing your heating costs to increase.

Those are the potential problems, and we have the definitive solution! The Lennox Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Humidifier works with your current heating system to add moisture as needed to your home’s air, making it easier to stay healthy and comfortable. Fight back against dry winter! Contact us to learn more or to schedule your whole-home humidification system installation.