Control Door Locks Remotely With Your Smartphone

admin  -   01:00 pm  -   November 07th, 2016

You can use your smartphone to lock and unlock exterior doors, interior doors and garage doors at any time, from anywhere. Just call MacFarlane or log in to your account and send us a message to gain all-access smartphone control of any door to your home, business or rooms. 
We will install a smart door lock that you can control using the MacFarlane Connected Home app (which also offers several other important control and visibility opportunities). Once installation is complete, you can:
  • Lock or unlock a door anytime from anywhere.
  • Assign personal access codes so you can keep track of exactly who enters your home or business and when.
  • Supply time-specific entry codes to occasional visitors such as service people and guests.
  • Stop leaving your home accessible to anyone who knows where you hide the key.
  • See if a door is left unlocked, and lock it instantly.
  • Open the door immediately with a tap of your smartphone screen if a guest or family member wants to get in.
  • Receive an alert whenever a door is opened.
Here is a quick look at some of the other opportunities available to you with MacFarlane Connected Home.
  • Control lights and appliances, with the option to turn devices on automatically as you are approaching.
  • When someone is at the door, detect their presence and get an instant alert and video feed, wherever you are.
  • Detect a water leak or a flooding problem immediately and take preventive action. (See coupon on our website.)
  • View and control surveillance cameras remotely.
To learn more or place an order today, please call MacFarlane or log in to your account and send us a message.