Keep Tabs On Your Energy Usage

admin  -   10:31 am  -   April 22nd, 2021

If you ever find yourself spending more on energy costs than you’d expect, don’t wrack your brain trying to solve the mystery! Instead, get in touch with your trusted home comfort providers here at MacFarlane Energy – we offer conservation consultations and home energy audits that put the clues together for you.

Let us help you solve the puzzle that is high energy usage!

First, we can start with your equipment through our free conservation consultation. We’ll go over your current home comfort equipment and help you to understand how energy efficient it is and if there are any energy-saving opportunities available through high-efficiency upgrades!

Then, we can look at your whole home! Our experts will provide a scientific analysis of your entire home. Afterwards we’ll help you prioritize improvements in order to find you even better energy savings. Some examples of potential improvements include:

  • Upgrading to high-efficiency heating & cooling equipment for a 30-50% savings on energy bills

  • Installing heating & cooling accessories to deliver energy savings of 10% or more

  • Equipment maintenance that can improve energy efficiency by 5% or more

With the summer approaching fast, there’s no better time to get a handle on your home’s energy usage. Call or contact us today to schedule your FREE conservation consultation or a home energy audit and make this the summer of savings!