Snow-Melt Systems: Safe, Convenient, And Practical

admin  -   05:00 pm  -   November 08th, 2016

Bostonians certainly have vivid memories of last winter’s record-breaking snowfall, and there’s no reason to believe this winter will be any milder. If your arms still feel like spaghetti and your back is still thrown out from all that shoveling, there is some good news. MacFarlane Energy can install state-of-the-art snow-melt systems that can keep your driveways and walkways free of snow without having to shovel! 
Similar to radiant heating systems, snow-melt systems draw heat from a boiler and distribute that heat through a network of tubing below the pavement of your property. Your snow-melt system from MacFarlane Energy can be programmed to turn on automatically when snow begins to fall, conveniently saving you time and energy by preventing heavy accumulation. With a snow-melt system, you won’t have to wake up extra early to dig your car out and clear the driveway so you can leave for work. The snow will already be gone, and you can carry on with your daily routine. 
In addition to making your winter mornings easier to handle, a snow-melt system from MacFarlane Energy will also make the season safer for you, your family, and other pedestrians. Hastily shoveled walkways can freeze up overnight and form a practically invisible layer of ice, creating a dangerous slipping hazard that can result in serious injury. Anybody injured on your property due to ice can hold you accountable, so play it on the safe side and always keep your walkways safe with a snow-melt system. 
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