Now Is A Good Time To Sign Up For A Service Plan

admin  -   03:45 pm  -   April 22nd, 2020

The timing couldn’t be better! We’re through the heating season so your heating equipment is finally resting, and we’re approaching the warmer months so your air conditioning system will need to get ready for what’s ahead. That’s why it’s a good time to consider a service plan!

As a service plan customer, you’ll be able to protect every aspect of your home comfort system because we provide plans for…

  • Oil-fired heating equipment

  • Natural gas heating equipment

  • Air conditioning equipment

  • Water heating equipment

  • Fuel storage tanks

No matter how you choose to stay comfortable, we can help protect the systems you rely on! Our service plans also offer varying levels of coverage - some of which include…

  • Preventative maintenance needed to keep your heating and cooling equipment working properly year after year. With preventative maintenance we’ll check out your system and make any small repairs needed to avoid breakdowns in the future.

  • Priority service that puts you ahead of other customers who aren’t enrolled in a service plan.

  • 24-hour coverage for no-heat emergenciesin case your heating equipment stops working in the middle of a cold night.

  • Labor coverage and discounts help you save on repairs needed to keep your system running effectively year after year.

When you sign up now for a service plan, you’ll avoid the summer rush - getting your preventative maintenance in before other customers who call last minute to get their AC in proper working order. Additionally, your heating equipment will receive the maintenance it needs to recoup from the heating season.

Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more about our service plans and to sign up for ultimate peace of mind!