Convenient Ways To Manage Fuel Costs

admin  -   12:00 pm  -   October 23rd, 2018

The heating season is just around the corner. Don’t fret your heating bills; take control of them with MacFarlane Energy’s payment options! As our customer, you can take advantage of our Budget Plan, Capped Price Plan or our Fixed Price Plan, all of which are explained in more detail below!

Budget Plan

Heating expenses tend to pick up during the heating season, and that’s where our budget plan comes in! When you enroll in our budget plan before the heating season, we estimate your total heating expenses for the next year and divide it by 11 to calculate your monthly payments. Each bill you receive during the course of enrollment will be the same. If we believe your total payment is increasing as the year passes, we will call and discuss your options with you.

Capped Price Plan

With the capped price plan, you purchase your seasonal supply (or a portion of it) with a two-part guarantee regarding the price. First, your price will not exceed the cap that we agree upon when you enroll, regardless of how high prices go during the heating season. Second, if our daily price of oil is lower than your cap price, you’ll pay the daily price instead of the cap price.

Fixed Price Plan

The fixed price plan is less flexible than our capped price plan, but it locks you in at an agreed upon fuel price for the season that allows you to pay the same amount for your deliveries. The price remains locked in whether the daily fuel prices rise or fall.

No matter how you prefer to manage your fuel costs this heating season, MacFarlane Energy is the right choice! If you’d like to enroll in a plan, or want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us online.