Services To Warm Up To

admin  -   09:00 am  -   January 22nd, 2019

New England homeowners are used to freezing cold winters, but this year we’re seeing lower-than-normal temperatures, breaking record minimum high temperatures on Monday, January 21 with 10 degrees in Boston (12 degrees was the record in 1985) 4 degrees in Hartford (8 degrees in 1985) and 1 degree in Worcester (again, 8 degrees in 1985). With these dangerously low temperatures, it’s important you know that MacFarlane Energy is on your side when it comes to keeping warm.

Is your furnace or boiler struggling to keep up with demand? Our services can help!

Oilheat & Gas Service Plans

Whether you heat your home with natural gas or Oilheat, our comprehensive service plans help keep your equipment running and working efficiently, no matter how cold it gets outside. As a service plan customer, you’ll receive FREE preventative maintenance, discounts on repairs, and priority service – which will come in handy if you experience a no-heat emergency!

Heating Equipment Service & Installations

Even a properly maintained heating system can succumb to normal wear and tear – especially if the equipment is more than 12 years old! Upgrading your home’s furnace, boiler, and/or water heater can save you upwards of 40% on your home heating bills, and enhance the level of comfort in your home. Not ready to give up on your heating system yet? A simple oil or gas burner replacement can go a long way, too! Additionally, heat pumps make for the perfect supplement to any heating system, and help get rid of those annoying cold spots in your home!

Air Quality Improvement

Believe it or not, the dry, cold winter air can make it more difficult for your body to warm up – causing you to turn up your heating system, burning more of your fuel. Instead of cranking the heat, consider having a whole-home humidification system installed! Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home helps you feel warmer!

Don’t let this exceptionally cold winter dictate how comfortable you’re going to be! Call on MacFarlane Energy for some warm relief. Don’t forget to check out our special offers page for some extra savings, too!