Is It A Good Time To Upgrade Your Heating System?

admin  -   05:00 pm  -   August 26th, 2020

With the heating season approaching, you may have begun thinking about the state of your heating equipment. And if that has made you worry about your heating equipment’s performance during the coming heating season, we’ll help you do something about it!

First thing’s first – let’s make sure your equipment will turn on when you need it to. Follow these steps to test your furnace or boiler:

  • Turn up the heat at least five degrees higher than the current room temperature. If it’s a clock thermostat, make sure the timer is set correctly or place it in “manual” mode. A working heating system will spring into action in a minute or two, letting you know you’re ready to take on the winter! If it doesn’t turn on…
  • Check your switches! Make sure the emergency switch and all other switches on the heating unit are on.
  • Check for any blown fuses or tripped breakers. If necessary, replace any blown fuses or reset your circuit breaker.
  • Check the oil. Check your tank gauge to see if there’s enough oil in the tank.
  • Push the “Reset” button ONE TIME ONLY. If none of the above applies, find the reset button, which is usually located next to the burner. Do not press the reset button a second time under any circumstances.

Did your heating system turn on? Great! If not, don’t panic! You caught it early enough that you can easily contact MacFarlane Energy to figure out what’s going on with the equipment.

Whether your equipment kicked on or not, you might be asking yourself if you’re due for a heating system upgrade. After all, even if the system turned on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in the prime of its life! With that in mind, here are a few things to consider:

Age of the System

Even with proper maintenance, over time a heating system’s efficiency and effectiveness can degrade. The general rule of thumb is equipment that has been in service for more than 10 years should be replaced with modern more modern systems. This is for the benefit of the homeowner, as new equipment boasts higher efficiency, helping to save on fuel costs, and will be less likely to breakdown in the middle of winter.

Number of Service Calls

Your equipment should be serviced at least once a year. This annual tune-up prevents any small problems from turning into big issues down the line, and keeps your equipment clean and efficient. During the heating season, when you equipment is running for longer periods of time, it’s normal to have an extra service call or two. However, if you’re starting to spend more on repairs than you’re comfortable with, new equipment can help.

Heating Costs

We’ve mentioned efficiency twice, but what does it mean? Efficiency is your heating system’s ability to take fuel and turn it into useable heat. The higher the efficiency, the more of the fuel you pay for is put to good use. If you’re spending more on heating costs year after year, but aren’t relying on your heating system more, it could be an issue of efficiency. Today’s heating equipment boasts efficiencies of up to 90%!

Have you noticed any issues with your equipment? Or would you rather have your equipment assessed by the pros before making any decisions? Contact MacFarlane Energy today for a system evaluation and to learn all about the heating systems we sell, install and maintain!