MacFarlane’s Budget Plan Keeps Winter Bills In Check

admin  -   09:00 am  -   May 23rd, 2017

Heating expenses can get out of control in winter, but MacFarlane’s Budget Plan can help alleviate the stress of paying 80 percent of your heating costs during the cold season with manageable monthly payments spread over the course of an 11-month budget period.

The Budget Plan calculates the total heating expenses for the next year by estimating expected oil consumption based on past usage, and anticipating the average price of heating oil. Payments are divided evenly month-to-month, so winter heating bills remain consistent no matter how many deliveries are made within the same month. 

If the price of fuel rises, or fuel usage increases beyond what was estimated, the total cost of the budget plan can increase. If this happens, a payment adjustment may be required in order to avoid accruing an outstanding balance. If there’s an outstanding balance at the end of the budget season, you will be billed for the amount. 

Take the burden out of the heating season with MacFarlane’s budget plan, an easy way to avoid those extra delivery charges and high bills. Call MacFarlane today to learn more about the budget plan or to enroll.