Speaking Of The Heat… How’s Your Heating Equipment?

admin  -   11:00 am  -   July 16th, 2019

We’ve seen some pretty high temperatures this summer, and it got all of us here thinking about our Massachusetts homeowners’ heating systems! It may seem odd to think about staying warm now, but that’s just how we stay on top of your comfort. The heating season is a few months out, but it’s never too early to prepare!

At MacFarlane Energy, we’re ready to help your home stand up to winter! Here’s how:

Heating System Preventative Maintenance

Your heating equipment worked hard last winter, so it’s important that you schedule heating system preventative maintenance from MacFarlane Energy. This way, we can ensure the normal wear and tear wasn’t too much for your equipment and that it’ll continue to run efficiently next heating season.

Heating System Installation & Upgrade

As with all machinery, time eventually catches up to it. The life expectancy of well-maintained heating equipment could be as much as 10 years, but after that the equipment’s efficiency will degrade and you’ll end up spending more on fuel costs for the same amount of heating comfort. Upgrading your heating equipment after at least 10 years of use can save you on heating costs!

Heating System Service Plans

Whether you use heating oil or natural gas to heat your home, we provide our customers with service plans! Under these plans, you’ll have access to the aforementioned preventative maintenance, as well as priority service, 24-hour coverage for no-heat emergencies, labor coverage for basic repairs and more!

We’re proud to sell, install and service a full range of home heating equipment for our customers! Let us protect your heating system, and prepare it for optimal comfort this coming heating season. Call or contact us online when you’re ready to get started!