The MacFarlane Energy Account Portal Makes Your Life Easier!

admin  -   10:00 am  -   June 28th, 2023

MacFarlane Energy has made it simple and easy to access your payments and account information right from your customer account portal. The sleek and responsive design of the account portal was specifically created to make everything about ordering your home heating oil and keeping track of your bills easier!


All you have to do is create an account on our website and you can start enjoying the benefits of being a MacFarlane Energy customer including:  


  • View Account Balance: You will have access to your current account balance and past payment information you made to your account.
  • Enroll in a Budget Plan: To avoid a winter budget squeeze, you can enroll in the MacFarlane Energy Budget Plan. This replaces the pay-on-delivery method with a regimen of predictable monthly payments. 
  • Easy Payments: No need for a checkbook or stamps, all of your fuel deliveries can be paid directly on our website with any major credit card.
  • Request a Delivery: Customers can easily request a heating oil delivery from their account portal, no phone calls necessary!


We are proud to serve the businesses and homeowners of the Greater Boston area with heating and cooling services. If you have any questions about becoming a MacFarlane Energy customer, please call us at 781-326-9500.