Keep Dry Winter Air Out Of Your Home

admin  -   02:00 pm  -   October 04th, 2019

The cold weather is on its way – are you ready for the dry air that comes along with a Massachusetts winter? One surefire way to prepare is with a new whole-home humidifier from MacFarlane Energy! Without one, the dry air might get the best of your home and your family’s health. Here are some problems caused by dry air:

  • Improper humidity levels prevent your body from naturally capturing dust, viruses and bacteria, increasing the likelihood of getting sick
  • Dry air inside your home can cause the inside of your nose to become itchy and irritated, possibly leading to nosebleeds
  • Dry winter air can cause your skin to dry out, resulting in itching, flaking and tightness around joints. It can also cause flare-ups of existing skin problems
  • Dry air can pull moisture from the structure of your home, leading to creaking and cracked hardwood floors. It can also cause doors to stick, and gaps between ceilings and walls to form.
  • In addition to the wooden structure of your home, dry air can also damage any wooden furniture as well. Warping wooden chairs, tables, and even affecting books and artwork.

Overall, dry air during the winter is a major, but avoidable, inconvenience! Get ahead of it with a newly installed whole-home humidifying system that’ll protect the health of your home and your family! Call or contact us online today to learn more about whole-home humidification.