Variable Speeds For Your Home Cooling Needs

admin  -   11:00 am  -   June 16th, 2017

Shopping for a new air conditioner isn’t always as simple as you may think it is. There are many factors to consider before purchasing your new equipment, one of which is condenser fan speed. The speed of the condenser affects the levels of cool air being produced, the efficiency of your air conditioner and the longevity of your equipment. Variable speed condensers are the latest and best-regarded option, and here’s why:


  • Instead of delivering large blasts of cool air like traditional systems, variable speed condensers increase and decrease their speed gradually. This allows for more consistent cooling and less temperature swings in your home.
  • Because variable speed condensers have longer operating cycles, they push air through your air filters much more often. Your home can have consistent temperatures and better air quality.
  • Since variable speed air condensers don’t turn on and off as much, and run at lower speeds, they run a lot more quietly than traditional air condensers.
  • Because they’re able to run at many different speeds, cycle less frequently and only consume the amount of energy your home requires them to, variable speed air condensers consume less energy than other air condensers.
  • Wear and tear is reduced because variable speed condensers don’t turn on and off as frequently. This results in fewer repairs and a longer life span.


MacFarlane Energy installs a wide variety of central air and ductless mini-split air conditioners. If you’re ready to experience a variable speed air conditioner for yourself, contact us today and you’ll be on your way to keeping your cool all summer long.