Set The Stage For Price Protection

admin  -   02:38 pm  -   August 28th, 2017

Winter is just around the corner and it’s your heating system’s turn to stand in the spotlight! When preparing for winter’s worst, consider how unpredictable heating prices can be — it’s enough to give even the most winter-weathered homeowner stage fright. But, the show must go on! With MacFarlane’s price protection plans, it’ll go on without a hitch! There are two great options with which you can control your fuel prices and know exactly what you’ll pay each month.

Fixed Price: This option locks in your rate for the entire heating season to protect you from spikes in fuel prices during the winter. This plan is perfect for those homeowners who want to know exactly what they’ll pay per gallon, all year long. Your price won’t rise if fuel prices spike, but you also won’t benefit if prices drop. 

Capped Price: Our capped price option sets a maximum price you could possibly pay, no matter what happens to the market price. If prices go above the cap price, your price remains the same. This option also gives you the lower price if the market price happens to fall.

Both plans make it easier to stick to your budget, since you’ll either know exactly how much you’ll be paying month-to-month or the most you could possibly pay. And with the heating season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sign up! Strike up the music, dim the lights and call 781-326-9500 or visit our website. Your standing ovation awaits!