MacFarlane Energy Has Expanded Across Eastern Massachusetts

Do you have a home in the North Shore or Cape Cod? Maybe you have friends or family in these areas? Please ask us about any of these products and services:

  • Heating Fuel Delivery
  • Bioheat®
  • Diesel Delivery
  • Heating Service & Installation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Water Heaters
  • Service Plans
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Connected Home

MacFarlane Energy has a strong presence throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. In recent years, our family of businesses has grown to include South Shore Heating & Cooling, North Shore Fuel, Simione Oil and Munhall Energy. No matter where you are located, Eastem Massachusetts or Cape Cod, we will provide you with the same high-quality customer care. For any of your home service needs, just call 781-326-9500 or visit