Control Your Outside Door Remotely

When you can control access to your home remotely, your property is more secure and you are in control like never before. By combining an intelligent door lock or garage door lock with our Connected Home app, you can control who enters your home and when, and you can lock the door instantly, no matter where you are.

If you want visibility in addition to control, consider adding the versatile SkyBell Wi-Fi doorbell. SkyBell detects the presence of a visitor at your door and sends you an immediate alert. SkyBell can open a live audio-video feed so you can converse with the visitor and use the built-in camera to see them.

Connected Home secures your home, because you can lock it up completely at all times without inconveniencing family members, guests or service providers.

Consider some of the possibilities.

  • Receive alerts whenever the door is opened.
  • When you hire a babysitter, dog walker or cleaning person, provide them with an access code that works only in the hours when you are expecting them.
  • If you accidentally leave the door unlocked, lock it instantly from anywhere.
  • If a friend or family member comes to the house unexpectedly, unlock the door for them.
  • Create custom codes for family members and friends that enable them to open the door. The codes also show you who entered the house and when.

The Connected Home app also works with many other smart devices to provide remote control of your home environment.

  • A smart thermostat lets you set temperature levels and adjust the heat or air conditioning automatically as you approach home.
  • Remote water detectors can alert you if there is a leak, and smart shutoff valves can isolate a leaking appliance or pipe.
  • Smart lights and appliances can turn on or off according to a preset schedule or when you activate them remotely.

If you heat your home with oil, you can also extend smart monitoring to your oil tank with a device that alerts our delivery team when your supply reaches one-quarter of a tank. You'll never have to worry about running out of oil or checking the tank gauge yourself.

To outfit your home with intelligent devices and control them from your smartphone, please contact us today.