Stay Connected with the Connected Home

Today, staying connected is everything. The Connected Home allows homeowners to monitor their home and control all of its functions while they're away. Not long ago, this felt like a dream. However, at MacFarlane Energy, we take pride in offering cutting edge technologies. Enter the Connected Home. Now, our customers can transform their home into a smart home with the use of a smartphone or tablet, and automatic delivery customers can get a Connected Home Package for only $699!

The MacFarlane Connected Home has multiple features:

  • Access Control - Did you remember to lock the door before leaving? Worry no more - now homeowners can lock the door with the tap of a finger on their smartphone. Better yet, they can have alerts sent to their phone when the door is unlocked. Access codes, or unique visitor codes, enable homeowners to monitor who enters and who leaves their home and when.
  • Remote Doorbell Monitoring - It is common for homeowners to feel anxiety about strangers approaching their home. With the Skybell® smart video doorbell, users can detect and talk to them. When someone approaches the door, an instant alert will be sent out. With live audio and a 1080p HD video feed, hearing and seeing what's going on is easy.
  • Water Damage Protection - Early detection is key to minimizing and preventing damage from leaks. The Connected Home features a Water Protection Plan. Five water sensors will be installed to detect potential leaks. When a leak is detected, the water main will be shut off automatically with the Z Wave automatic water shutoff valve. Finally, an alert will be sent to the homeowner's smartphone.
  • Oil Tank Sensor - This high-tech electronic device monitors the fuel levels in your tank, and sends an alert when it drops to a pre-set threshold, so we know when to schedule your automatic delivery.
  • Lighting Control - Efficiency is key. With smart lights, users can save energy by simply moving a finger. Turn off the lights with a tap and dim them by sliding your finger across the screen of your smartphone. Homeowners who like to stick to a routine can set their lights to turn on and off at specific times on specific days of the week.

Together, the parts that make the Connected Home provide homeowners with flexibility, convenience and peace of mind.

This MacFarlane Energy Automatic Delivery Connected Home Package can be yours for only $699!

  • Skybell Doorbell Camera
  • Kwikset SmartCode 910
  • Tank Gauge Monitor
  • Smart Energy Switch (turn any device into a timer device)
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Verizon Gateway
  • One year free monitoring

This package is for automatic delivery customers only. The tank gauge monitor tracks your fuel level and alerts MacFarlane Energy so we can deliver your fuel exactly when you need it. The Connected Home package has a retail value of $1,699, but with our current promotion, automatic delivery customers pay just $699! Not an automatic delivery customer? Enroll today and enjoy its many benefits!